Set up in November 2010, the UK Chinese Bankers Association is the leading trade association that represents leading Chinese and Southeast Asian banks from the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand with UK operations. As foreign bankers in the UK, Chinese and Southeast Asian bankers find themselves well positioned in the ever-closer economic integration between the UK and Asia, with China being the rising economic powerhouse. By marshalling talents and expertise, members of the Association will be able to further strengthen their trade and inward investment to this country. As local banking service providers, member banks commits to service and operation excellence within the current regulatory framework.

    Our Objectives

    The UK Chinese Bankers Association was established with the following key objectives: To identify areas of common interests of member banks, form a coordinated voice and advocate the common interests to UK policy-makers and regulators To provide member banks with a platform for networking, information sharing, exchange of ideas and exploration of mutual co-operation potentials To liaise with other bankers’ associations and peer organisations on issues related to, amongst others, banking legislation and best market practices Membership Our members are the top and largest banks from their own countries and territories. Some member banks are amongst the largest banks in the world in terms of capital and assets. A number of them have decades of long-standing presence in the UK whilst others, particularly mainland China banks, are new entrants and want to play an active part in the major financial centre. The majority of our members engage in corporate and wholesale banking business. Some also operate retail banking via branch outlets in the UK. Our membership list can be found here: Membership of the Association is open to any bank or financial institution which supports our objectives and has its business based in Asia. Admission of membership is subjected to the decision of the Executive Committee.


    We are governed by the Executive Committee of the Association, meetings of which are convened periodically and chaired by an elected member bank representative. The Committee comprises of representatives from each of the founder members mandated to act according to the Rules of the Association. Under the Executive Committee, we have established the Compliance Working Committee to work on compliance matters of common concern at operations level. An Operational Risk Forum will also be set up very soon for members to discuss various operational risks issues.